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“Southern Dem warns party to avert disaster”

Wednesday, March 26, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is too late.

Two decades too late. Once the Clintons got power in the Democratic Party, they were never going to relinquish it willingly.

Bredesen told Politico’s Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen:

“They have a much steeper, rockier hill to climb if it goes to the convention,” the governor said over a dinner of rockfish and red wine. “You’re going to spend this whole summer-and lots of money and time and effort-trying to convince people that whoever isn’t eventually nominated, isn’t electable.

“That’s a heck of a hole to climb out of come the first of September,” he added. “What’s been going on for the last 90 days just gets worse and worse as the summer goes on.”

Bredesen also joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in warning that superdelegates should not overturn the outcome from primaries and caucuses.

If Obama were denied the nomination by Democratic insiders after winning the party’s popular vote, Bredesen said, “There would be hell to pay in the party for a long time to come.”

This is a message directed at Hillary, but Hillary knows she is finished if she fails to turn this around, and she also knows there is growing concern among Democratic elites that Barack Obama’s got a great deal of baggage which is only dimly understood.

Check out’s blog tracking of the Obama-Jeremiah Wright story. As week three of the controversy begins, more than one out of five blog posts about Obama includes a reference to Wright.

Click over to All of these stories are about Obama’s mentor, friend, financier and neighbor.

We have just begun to hear the audio of Senator Obama reading his two books, including many passages that are jarring to many people.

So Hillary knows it is trench warfare until one side’s line breaks. She’s going to pound him in PA, and he’s going to run up the score in NC.

They are both going to have a message for the superdelegates: “He can’t win” v. “You can’t steal this.”

And since the superdelegates not only don’t have to make up their mind, they can’t make up their mind until the first ballot, no one will quit. What if Rezko gives an interview the night before the first ballot? If Hillary hasn’t been there fighting all the way, someone else –did you say Al Gore– will step forward.

The only way to be in a position to win is to stay in the game. Hillary is many things, but she’s not a quitter.

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