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South Dakota Senator John Thune on the prospect of holding a filibuster of the Fairness Doctrine

Friday, February 20, 2009

HH: How about Fairness Doctrine? You got 41?

JT: That’s going to be tough, and I hope we do, but there again, I think we may need some Democrats. I hope we can keep our Republicans together, but we don’t know that yet. And this was a sort of wake up call, I think, for the leadership in the Senate when we saw how this thing went south on us. And hopefully, we can figure out ways to keep everybody on the reservation in the future.

HH: Now in terms…and by the way, I am not one who worries about the Fairness Doctrine, because I think it’s just political suicide for Democrats…

JT: To do it?

HH: …to do that. But I’m just glad that at least the Republicans we have might be with us on that.

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