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Something Smelts Funny: More On California’s Judge-Ordered Drought

Friday, July 31, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I have an interview about the delta smelt with Carolee Krieger of the California Water Impact Network in the first hour today. Let me know what you think:

Ms. Krieger is the environmental activist quoted in the long article about the smelt and the judge-ordered drought in California’s Central Valley.

After 20 years of Endangered Species Act practice, nothing surprises me except the unwillingness of activists using the Act for agendas quite separate from the Act to refuse to confront the costs of their activism in ruined lives, lost jobs and economic misery. Ms. Krieger sounds like a nice person, but her indifference to the toll of the water cut-off to the Central Valley is genuinely astonishing if not particularly unique.

The article I refer to from the New York Times indicating that there is a new population of delta smelt that calls into question whether the water cut-off to farmers is really necessary is here.

And please sign the Pacific Legal Foundation’s petition urging Arnold to call for the convening of the “God Squad” to review this fiasco.

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