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Something Smelts Funny: California’s Judge-Ordered Drought Part 2

Saturday, August 1, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The transcript of my conversation with Carolee Krieger is here.

The podcast is here.

One of the most interesting exchanges is this one. (Keep in mind that the “drought” in California’s Central Valley is a judge-ordered drought, brought about by a court’s order that water not be pumped there from the Sacramento Delta because of potential harm to the delta smelt):

HH: But Carolee, are you living in a little world that you’ve created for yourself where you’re walling yourself off from the human misery you are a part of inflicting on these people? I mean, are you aware of it? If you’re aware of it…

CK: I do not believe that I’m inflicting misery on anybody. I mean…

HH: But I mean…

CK: I honestly think that these people are inflicting it on themselves, because they have junior water rights, and they know that their water is the first to be dropped in a drought.

Please visit the Pacific Legal Foundation’s web site to sign the petition urging Arnold to call for federal relief for the farmers in the Central Valley.

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