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So, Mr. Bezos, When Did You First Start Thinking About Running?

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My Washington Examiner column Monday asks an obvious question.

I have talked to CNN’s Jake Tapper (transcript here), Politico’s John Harris (transcript here) and Mark Steyn (transcript here) about Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post.

In Sunday’s New York Times, Ross Douthat thinks its a zero sum game between Politico and the Post, but doesn’t stop to think that there might be an entirely different way of looking at the transaction.

Everybody involved in “Our Town” can win as a result of this deal–the professional left, right and center; the Beltway Republicans and the Beltway Democrats, old media and new, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, New York and D.C..  Everyone. Provided that no one objects and gets the grassroots upset about the consolidation of power among elites.

I’ve never been one to buy into or worry much about the “establishment v. the people” meme –I have long believed in the Framers’ genius to have so divided power as to prevent its long-term consolidation– but my friend Mark Levin’s new book does give one pause.  The Liberty Amendments is available Monday, and I have made it my featured selection on the right hand column for a reason.  Whether one agrees with Mark’s proposed prescription, his diagnosis of what ails the Republic is very compelling and ought to disquiet even the most complacent. I look forward to talking with him on air later in the week.  He is a patriot. His concern is not manufactured for ratings or the approval of anyone but his own conscience.

Many of the people who will blast Mark or who ignore him lack even a tenth of his knowledge or reading, are largely ignorant of the ideas that drove the drafting of the Constitution, and worse, feel no shame at not knowing what those ideas were.  Some of the people with the biggest platforms in the new Washington have never spent a day in a serious class about serious subjects, much less held a real job with real responsibility for lives and families.  It is the rise of this “chattering class,” and its overwhelming arrogance that ought to disturb you.  People without life experience, without any responsibility for the pain or happiness in the lives of real people, or even any sense of the history of the Republic, are driving the debates, on both sides of the aisle.

The wholesale collapse of the Obamacare rollout and the general failure of MSM to cover it and the deep injury it will do to the very people it purports to help is just the latest deeply troubling manifestation of the elites’ decision to rally around….the elites.

The growing threat from the “decimated al Qaeda” is another story that is largely uncovered by a MSM that is now almost completely enveloped in a game of self-advancement that involves conflicts of interest that are dizzying in their complexity.

The virulent reaction to the obviously talented and thoughtful though far-from-shy Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul is another manifestation of the growing Beltway estrangement from the people it is supposed to represent, not rule.

It is August and representatives and senators are supposed to be at home and meeting with the people they represent.  They may be making arguments you don’t want to hear –there is a good case for immigration reform, for example, and for the Common Core– but be much more concerned if you cannot find them to talk with them about your worries than with the fact you disagree with them on a particular issue or two or ten.

Get Levin’s book.  Give it a close and careful read.  If you are in a book club, urge that it be adopted as the next text.  Take your time.  Decide if he is right or wrong.

Then act.  I suggest you start with support for Tom Cotton.  More suggestions to follow.



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