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So Let’s Talk About Libya, Fast & Furious, Gas Prices and Jeremy’s Job: Romney Wins Again and GOP Is 3-0

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I know the left is celebrating again, just as it did after Joe Biden offended most normal people in the country.

But the focus now and for the next week is squarely on what the president said and when he said it about Libya, and thus what he knew and when he knew it. This is a disaster for the president.

As is the surfacing of Fast & Furious and the focus on gas prices, drilling permits and jobs for new college graduates.

These are the takeaways, though the left wants to focus on the fact that the president had a pulse. The left can ignore what Farnk Luntz’s focus group showed, but the president did not climb back into the ring but instead left himself open to more destructive reviews of his recent record in Libya and his long term record on gas, energy and the economy.

Some conservatives are upset that Romney didn’t deliver a second obviously crushing series fo blows to the president, but Romney did turn in a confident, assured performance that did not show a bit of fluster even when Candy Crowley intervened –wrongfully– to protect the president on Libya, or later interrupted his answer on Fasy & Furious. That was important as everyone sees the same debate and saw what most people will view as a home field aadvantage for the president in question selection and moderator. Romney should send Crowley roses for messing up the Libya exchange as it propels Libya to the front page tomorrow and into the public’s consciousness as not even an uninterrupted exchange would have. The media is not supposed to create the narrative, but it did, much to Romney’s benefit.

Go easy on Crowley. She made a mistake, but it wasn’t intentional and it has the unintended consequence of focusing the post-debate exactly where it should be and far, far removed from any nonsense.

Romney’s lead will solidify and grow over the next few days, just as it did after the left last declared victory. One final note: The MSM covering for the president on Libya is as strange as Woodward defending Nixon. President Obama’s feigned outrage –“offensive”– is the same tone he took on Fast & Furious, and it doesn’t work. No one believes him, so he comes off sounding like Nixon when Nixon declared he wasn’t a crook. The difference is of course the Manhattan-Beltway media elite went after Nixon but covers for Obama, but it does not matter.

The president needed a huge win. Instead he got a loss, on points and on carry-over, on style and especially on substance. Now off to watch MSNBC transmit to a far away galaxy…


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