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Smearing Rush

Monday, October 1, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Instapundit collects the links on the bizarre attempt to smear Rush for reporting the “phony soldier” story (previously reported by ABC.) 

Because of its attack on General Petraeus, the brand is badly damaged where it matters most –Americans who deeply esteem the military, which is the great majority of Americans.  The attempt to label Rush as other than the great supporter of the military that he is is a transparent and desperate attempt to create a counter-scandal.

Not only has it failed, it has backfired, and thrown additional light on the extremism of the left and underscores that the Democratic candidates in thrall to this left –especially Hillary– are going to be carrying a significant burden into the general election.  Hillary and her pals make the San Francisco Democrats of 1984 look moderate by comparison, and this latest attempt to dent Rush’s effectiveness is another exhibit in the mounting pile of evidence that the Democrats have gone radical during their wilderness years.

Powerline also comments.

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