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That Sinking Feeling and The President’s Next Act: Blaming the GOP For Government Shutdown He Will Engineer

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President Obama ends the worst week of his presidency with even his previously stalwart union partners piling on about the debacle of Obamacare.

I had to catch up with a traveling Harold Meyerson to book a guest ready to find even a few good words for the president’s week.  (The complete transcript of my interview with the Washington Post columnist is here.)

What’s next?  The president’s supporters will try and reignite Bush Derangement Syndrome as Harold did:

That said, if you want to grade Obama not on a curve, he’s not been doing great. On a curve, compared to other recently presidents who were feckless to the point of starting wars for which they had no plans what to do when they had taken Baghdad and things like that, I would say he’s doing pretty well.

And while the old canards are rolled out, the president will try and force a shutdown of the government for which they will blame the Republicans in an attempt to get the MSM back in its grove of loving POTUS and hating the Speaker.  He has to bump headlines like this one from Friday’s Times: “Listing Demands, Assad Uses Crisis to His Advantage.”

Since the president’s path forward is obvious to al, the GOP needs to start pointing to this inevitability with one voice.  The GOP needs to proclaims from every set and from behind every microphone that this is what will happen, and the House GOP needs to pass bills and point at the Senate, as I did with Harold.

To repeat: Again and again and again, the House has to pass bills that it points to while demanding that the Senate act on the same subject matter and proceed to the conference where the bills are reconciled.  No grand strategies, no secret meetings.  Not with the Clown Car down the street, not after these two weeks of an incompetence so epic it managed to restore Russia to quasi-Superpower status.  If the Speaker needs help, he can call the Kremlin.  They know how to manage this most feckless of presidents.

Watch the Sunday shows and see if the GOPers have figured out yet how to say this:  The president wants a shutdown in order to divert attention from his terrible incompetence and weakness on Syria.  He wants to have a new enemy, one he can get the left ginned up about, and that is going to be the House.  But the House has passed Obamacare reform bills and it will pass a CR and it will pass a debt ceiling in due course.  The problem will come in the Senate where Harry Reid –the last man in the world who follows Barack Obama’s orders evidently– is trying to get everyone to declare the House hasn’t done its work when in fact his Senate is obstructing getting to a conference on all these key issues since he cannot pass a bill on anything of importance.  The government shouldn’t shut down, but if it does, it will be because President Obama and Majority Leader Reid want it shut down for political theater purposes.


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