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Simply Outrageous

Thursday, September 7, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Senate Democrats threaten ABC with legislative and regulatory reprisals because of a disagreement over the content of a film.

i didn’t think such a reprehensible action was possible in the era of robust First Amendment protections.

Every time I think the Democrats have hit bottom, they dig a new basement.

I suspect the extreme reaction of the Senate Democrats is based on the sudden recogntion that the fall campaign will be waged on the single issue of which party is serious about national security.  The president’s demand for action on key fronts yesterday has clearly thrown the Dems into disarray as they realize that the American electorate will not reward more fecklessness on the part of Democrats.  Now arrives a major television event that exposes the specifics of Democrtaic-era “stewardship” of national security, and they are in a frenzy to do whatever it takes to keep that memory down the memory hole.

The trouble for them is that they more they struggle the more attention they call to the very record they wish to have remain obscure and distant.


Mr. Atos and Major Mike both post on the controversy.  And the estimable D.J.Drummond goes where I won’t –into the comments.

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