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“Shame On Senator Warner”

Tuesday, January 23, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Laura Lee unloads at The Wide Awake Cafe, as have dozens of callers to today’s show.  Disgust is too mild a word, especially after the testimony of General Petraeus today:

Shame on John Warner, Gordon Smith, Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snow, Norm Coleman, and Sam Brownback, Republicans all, who are revealing themselves to be no different than the Cut and Run crowd with their pathetic flirtations/efforts to come up with nonbinding resolutions against President Bush’s decision to send more troops into Iraq.

I do not expect anything of the Democrats of course, except for Independent Democrat, Joe Lieberman. But these Republicans in name only are despicable turncoats and not worth one slice of turkey placed on any soldier’s bread.

The “compromise” resolution is in fact a “vote of no confidence” in the war, and an encouragement to our enemies, as General Petraeus bluntly declared today.

Call the senators: 202-225-3121.  Demand that they support the troops and the war, and tell them to listen to General Petraeus and the president.

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