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Settle-Up Sunday

Sunday, October 15, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Didn’t give yesterday because you forgot?  Slipped your mind?

You don’t care about the conduct of the war or the future of the Supreme Court?

The president and Rove are confident, and it puzzles the MSMers who read their own copy.

Here’s a clue: The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s regular descent into polling madness shows Tim Pawlenty far behind his challenger in a result which causes Gopher State voters to guffaw at the Strib’s transparent agenda journalism.

In short, many pollsters either tweak the results or don’t know how to poll in the communications world in which we now live.  The Strib’s “polls” are the worst of the lot –documented often by Powerline’s Scott Johnson– but there are bunches of bad ones out there.

So while it matters to take in all data, trust the party pros to know where to spend and follow their lead, which will take you to first to these four:

Burns for Senate.

DeWine for Senate.

Santorum for Senate.

Talent for Senate.

These are federal races with limits which is why your contributions matter here more than in a state race with different rules.

So quiet your conscience and dig deep for the final three weeks.

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