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Senator Ted Cruz On His Re-Election Campaign and The Tariff

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Senator Ted Cruz joined me this morning:




HH: Joyous this morning. Knick V. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania is getting to the Supreme Court next year. It’s a critical habitat takings case. One of the few people who might actually understand that is Senator Ted Cruz, who joins me now, former solicitor general of Texas, argued before the Court a number of times. I don’t know if you ever argued a takings case. Did you, Senator?

TC: I did not. I filed amicus briefs in takings cases, but didn’t argue any.

HH: Man, this is such great news. I hope they rock and roll on this. Senator, it’s election day in Texas. How are you feeling?

TC: I’m feeling very good. Today is election day in the primary, so if you’re listening in Texas, please come out and vote. We need a lot of conservatives to show up and vote. We’ve got contested primaries up and down the ballot. Come out, vote for conservatives, and make a difference. Be seen. The Democrats are showing up in big, big numbers. We need to make sure we get conservatives showing up to keep Texas bright red.

HH: I have seen those early numbers, and of course, a lot of my liberal friends at MSNBC are putting a lot of weight on those numbers.

TC: Sure.

HH: What do you think of them?

TC: Look, I think this is a volatile election. I think it could go a lot of directions. In one scenario, the economy is booming, we have a lot of conservatives show up. We could have a terrific election in November. We could win five, six, seven Senate seats. We could have a large functioning majority in the Senate. The flip side, if conservatives are complacent, we know that the left is going to show up. The extreme left, they’re angry. They’re filled with rage. They hate the President. And mark my words, we are going to see historic turnout from the extreme left in November, which means if conservatives stay home, we have the potential, we could lose both houses of Congress. We could end up with a Speaker Pelosi and a Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In Texas, if conservatives stay home, if we rest on our laurels, we could see Texas turn blue. We could see every statewide official in the state becoming a Democrat. Now that’s long been a Democrat pipe dream. I don’t believe it’s going to happen. But the best way to make sure it doesn’t happen is for conservatives to show up. And I’ll tell you, Hugh, one of the reasons is if we lose both houses, the day Speaker Pelosi…

HH: Oh, Senator…

TC: …is the day the House begins impeachment.

HH: Yeah, I think you just said…

TC: That’s what the left wants.

HH: Your phone just broke up. I think you just said the day Nancy Pelosi gets the gavel is the day that impeachment begins?

TC: That’s exactly right. That’s what the extreme left wants. They want to impeach the President, and they want to stop the entire agenda that’s been moving forward of tax cuts, cutting regulations, protecting the Constitution, protecting our fundamental rights. If we want to keep that going, we’ve got to show up.

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