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Senator McCain’s Blogger

Wednesday, February 7, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Patrick Hynes is John McCain’s emissary to the blogs –and a very, very good one.  Patrick is smart, energetic, and winsome.

Patrick is now under attack from the lefty mob enraged that John Edwards has fired his anti-Catholic bloggers.

This is a classic bit of lefty extremism from the nutroots:  With a couple of their number exposed, they attack, attack, attack.  Hynes has been on Senator McCain’s payroll for months without a whisper of objection from the left because his blogging past is almost completely unobjectionable.Patrick has stumbled a couple of times, but these were stumbles, not pratfalls, and he is not a bigot or enamored of vulgarity.  He also quickly and completely apologized for his errors.  Self-correction is a virtue apparently unknown on the left.  Edwards’ bloggers were fired not just because they were an embarrassment to Edwards because of their vulgarity and bigotry, but also because they were unrepentant.

The reflexive desire to destroy rather than evaluate is a hallmark of the left. 

John McCain is not my first choice for the GOP’s presidential nomination, but I’ll gladly support him if he surprises me and manages to sweep the primaries. 

If Senator McCain makes that run it will be in no small part because of Hynes’  talents.  Unlike John Edwards, John McCain has nothing to apologize for or regret in his choice of virtual spokesman.


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