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Senator McCain Wants a Compromise

Monday, September 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Four days after grandstanding the issue and imperiling the necessary legislation to establish military tribunals and try terrorists, Senator McCain wants a compromise.

No doubt he has sampled the e-mails and phone calls, and read the blogs and the conservatiev op-eds.

Or perhaps he read Senator Graham’s less than persuasive defense of the trio’s (McCain, Warner and Graham) obstructionist tactics.

Or maybe he figured out that he almost single-handedly stalled the GOP momentum, opnce again imperiling the majority that is absolutely necessary to win the war for the sake of his personal political agenda.

Whatever the reason, add the sabotage of this crucial legislation to the list that includes McCain-Feingold, the Gang of 14, and McCain-Kennedy.

John McCain: Great American.  Lousy senator. Terrible Republican.

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