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Senator Jon Kyl on the Looming Showdown Over Obamacare

Wednesday, February 24, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Arizona’s Jon Kyl was my guest today and delivered a detailed assessment of what he expects will result from Thursday’s sham summit –“Nothing.”– and what the expected legislative trickery to follow may look like.

The complete transcript is here.

House Democrats are likely going to be asked to vote twice more on Obamacare –to pass the Senate train wreck of a bill with publicly-funded abortion as part of it, and then to vote on the jam-down “reconciliation”-enabled “fixer-upper” bill.

The president, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are counting on the public being (1) stupid, (2) forgetful, or (3) both.

They are underestimating, again, the public’s refusal to be misled on this issue and the public’s resolve to punish the Democrats’ assaults on the private sector and the pocketbooks of the average Americans. If the House passes Obamacare, Democrats will drop by the dozens in the fall.


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