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Senator Ensign and the NRSC

Tuesday, January 16, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The National Republican Senatorial Committee had a bad cycle in ’05-’06, and a large part of that was caused by loopy Lincoln Chafee –many donors simply would not give money to the NRSC as it was committed to Chafee’s re-election.

Chafee’s gone now, and the new chair is Nevada’s John Ensign, and he appeared on today’s program (making it the first time an NRSC Chair had been on the program since October, 2004.)  Ensign reported that recruitment efforts in the five targeted states where Dems hold the chair –Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana– are going well., and that the GOP senators targeted by the Dems, including Smith in Oregon, Coleman in Minnesota, and Sununu in New Hampshire, are already hard at work raising the funds and assembling the volunteer networks they will need.  The open seat in Colorado has a number of excellent candidates looking at making the race.

Many justices of the Supreme Court are aging, and it won’t be enough to hold the White House in ’08 –the GOP needs to pick up at least two seats and hold the rest. 

Help get the cycle off to a good start by making a contribution today to the NRSC via its online operation.

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