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Senator Collins, Unplugged

Monday, February 5, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who along with John Warner and Chuck Hagel are pushing forward the defeatist Levin-Warner resolution, objects in an interview with Eleanor Clift to the candor that has entered into this debate, and in particular to the assertion that such resolutions embolden the enemy  –an observation that general Petraeus and Secretary gates have bothmade.

Senator Collins also expands on why she is pushing this “non-binding” resolution, asserting that she hopes the deployment –underway and under the command of the general who designed it and who was unanimously confirmed last week– would be canceled by the president.  Right.  Since the president knows exactly what every senator thinks about his plan and is going forward with it, there is zero utility to the non-binding resolution.

I invited Senator Collins on to the program last week and again today, and have done so in the past, and she has never accepted.  The willingness to engage with anti-Adminstration and anti-war zealots like Clift but the refusal to offer explanations to a center-right audience is another of the many reasons why Republicans will find it difficult to support her re-election campaign this year.

I’m curious about what kind of pressure you’re getting, if that’s the right word, from your colleagues

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