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Senate Debate on Judge Alito’s Nomination to SCOTUS

Wednesday, January 25, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I hope someone has the ability to count the number of refernces to “CAP” and “Vanguard” made in the course of the Senate debate on Judge Alito’s nomination. The use of those terms in any speech attempting to justify a no vote on Alito will mark the senator so employing them as a smear artist, a low sort of rhetorical thug unwilling to use open and honest argument.

I applaud Senator Feinstein’s honesty in stating yesterday that she has a litmus test: No nominee to the Supreme Court will get her vote unless he or she is pro-Roe/Casey. That is a straightforward political position that informs America of Senator Feinstein’s rigid ideology and her narrow view of what matters in a justice.

But it isn’t slanderous, just simplistic and contrary to hundreds of years of American practice.

My guess is her colleague from California will not only use CAP/Vanguard smear, but will do so repeatedly.

The Majority Leader should keep the “debate” going around the clock until it is concluded with a cloture vote. There’s already a FreeRepublic thread up which will be a useful guide to the office bound as to who says what. Perhaps the posters there will be kind enough to flag the use of these arguments for us.

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