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Schumer’s Plans

Friday, November 24, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Chuck Schumer is really the Dem’s Senate Leader  –he built their 51-49 majority, after all, not Harry Reid– so Schumer’s agenda deserves some close scrutiny.  They key bits:

Schumer said he’d focus on:

* Building the Second Avenue subway;

* Building a railway linking lower Manhattan to JFK Airport;

* Building a new tunnel under the Hudson River to connect Midtown with New Jersey.

* Changing Medicare and Medicaid formulas;

* Doling out homeland-security funds based on threat;

* Getting more federal money for education and affordable housing, and

* Increasing tax deductions for college tuition.

Except for #4, not a bad agenda for Federalists.  If New York’s senior senator could figure out how to go Lieberman on the war and reasonable on judges, he’d almost be a FDR-Truman-JFK Democrat.

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