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Schumer’s Category 1 Scandal Upgraded to a Category 2. Senator Seeks Shelter.

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Rita is still on a path towards Beaumont. Here’s the tracker, which updates as the models update. The Wall Street Journal’s Storm News Tracker is a great source for latest developments.

The bus fire is as awful as it could get.

Chuck Schumer issued a statement on the next SCOTUS nominee:

“Please send us a moderate, but if you send someone who is very ideological there’ll be a much bigger fight than on Roberts because this is for the O’Connor seat and that’s the swing vote on the court.”

Schumer never issues statements. He always makes statements. To microphones. Why a written statement today? He’s hiding from reporters who want answers on Schumer’s dirty tricks crew at the DSCC which Schumer hired and still hasn’t fired even though the FBI is investigating their use of social security numbers to steal credit data on Schumer’s targets. I wonder if they had an enemies list?

Anyway, Schumer needs to face the cameras sometimes, and it will be much more a test for the MSM than for Schumer, though he’d better shave and not sweat and answer every question that is put to him.

Here’s the list for the MSM who aren’t used to asking Dems tough questions:

Senator Schumer, how long have you known Katie Barge?

How about Lauren Weiner?

How did you meet Barge? Weiner?

Did you know they had worked for David Brock?

Did you ever discuss them with George Soros?

Who first told you about the theft of Lt. Gov. Steele’s personal data?

What did you do?

Did you call FBI Director Mueller?

Do you ever call FBI Director Mueller?

Would FBI Direcor Mueller have taken your call?

Have you spoken with Barge since you learned she was the target of an investigation? Weiner? Not even to say that they’d stay on the payroll? Not even a brief conversation in the hall?

Who did you appoint to replace Barge? Did you give him instructions on the files they would inherit from Barge?

Did Barge get to take her files home?

Did you order the staff to secure all the files for the FBI’s use?

Did you get e-mails from Barge?

Have you erased those e-mails?

Has the FBI asked for your computers?

Has the FBI contacted you? When? How about other contacts? Is that all the contacts?

Has the FBI taken material from the DSCC?

What have you been told about Lt. Gov. Steele? Did you get reports from the research department? Can we have those reports?

Are you aware of any other improper conduct by your staff?

There are lots and lots more questions, which even a cursory review of any Watergate figure press conference can provide.

The key here is obstruction of justice and receipt of stolen goods/information. It is serious stuff, and the new Nixon should avoid declaring that he isn’t a crook.

One thing is for sure, the work of Schumer’s plumbers is a whole lot more interesting than Schumer’s theory on the SCOTUS nominee.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Washington Post is being tough with the scandal by running this editorial. The editorial treats the data theft as a stand alone, one-time event —and there is zero reason to believe that it is, or that a senior Schumer staffer acted on her own in deciding to break the law. It is way too soon to start writing “end of the case” editorials. Rather, it is time to find a couple of star young reporters willing to take on the point guy for the Dems’ new left attack machine, funded by Soros and connected to the entire network. “All the Senator’s Men” might be a catchy title for their memoir.


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