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Schumer Fumbles. Reid Mumbles. House GOP Stumbles?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Thank you Chuck Schumer. Every reporter who relays his canned outrage now is knowingly pushing the party line. But it will go on because the MSM believes in the president and his troops. The Manhattan-Beltway media elite will try and make the GOP the bad guy. They will succeed inside D.C. and NYC and a few other urban enclaves. The noise will sound like the country believes it, but the country knows the situation and if the GOP holds fast, it will succeed in accomplishing meaningful reform now.

Harry Reid is trying to stay relevant as Schumer pushes past him to run the offense. The Majority Leader who is losing power to Schumer by the day pretends to be open to negotiations on key riders, but for any of the big four to pass, a showdown must happen first. If the Dems want to shut down the government to fund abortion with tax dollars or left-wing morning drive radio, the spread of Obamacare chaos via new rules or EPA carbon regs, let’s have those debates. In each instance the public supports the GOP House position.

All that is necessary for the House GOP to succeed and thus the country’s best interests to be served is patience, candor and a willingness to engage the public in a serious presentation of what is on the table and why. Not via talking points. And not on Meet the Press. But in detail and in every forum available, and perhaps in person before the next few townhalls they can find.

What they don’t need is squabbles between leadership. The GOP won the election. The deficit is towering and needs the cuts, and the riders all propose to implement policies that strong majorities of Americans support.

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