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Saving The Los Angeles Times

Thursday, February 8, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

An intervention was called for, and I am soft-hearted when it comes to newspapers.

UPDATE: E-mails are rolling in.  My favorite thus far:

Enjoyed this column. You touch on an important, underdiscussed part of daily papers’ problem: They assume they are their readers’ primary source of news. Hence the insipid game summaries in the Sports section (when, as you said, everybody who cares about the game grabbed all the info they need from ESPN and the Internet 8-12 hours before the paper hits their driveway). The same goes for Yesterday’s Big Vote in Washington – it’s ancient, but every paper feels compelled to cover it.

This is an important flaw because its root is – ta da! – hubris. Arrogance. An unwillingness to live in today’s world, where by the time a newspaper is delivered, I’ve read thousands of words of analysis at the Corner, Powerline, Michael Barone’s blog,, etc.

Steam versus sail.

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