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Same-Sex Marriage In Massachusetts

Friday, March 23, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Boston Globe reports today that advocates of same sex marriage in Massachusetts have given up on trying to avoid a legislative vote on whether to hold a vote by the people on returning Massachusetts to the definition of marriage that the state used prior to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Council’s decree of a few years ago.

This represents a victory for Mitt Romney who fought an uphill battle for years to bring the issue before voters, and whose last minute lawsuit in late 2006 resulted in an opinion by the Supreme Judicial Council which embarrassed lawmakers into responding to the petitons that Romney and his allies had collected demanding a vote on an amendment to the state’s constitution.

It is a complicated story line, but the bottom line is that Massachusetts voters want to decide the issue, and same sex marriage advocates don’t want them to, prefering that four of seven judges continue to decree what the laws shall be.  State legislators have to decide whether to allow the people a right to write their own constitution, or to block that most basic of rights. 

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