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Russ Feingold Goes for the Jerk Prize

Tuesday, January 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Feingold’s line of questioning –that Judge Alito should not have received advice on preparation for the hearings from the Administation– is absurd, combative, and classless. Every nominee in modern times has been assisted by the aides to the President who sent the nominee’s name forward. Judge Alito was correct to bristle at the suggestion he has been fed answers, and Feingold’s transparent attempt to turn a distinguished nominee into the moutpiece of the Administration should have been rebuked by his colleagues on the Committee and hopefully will be.

When Judge Alito began “I have been a judge for 15 years…” I thought he was going to bring the hammer down, but a well practiced restraint took over. Most of the prep probably had to do with preparing Judge Alito for the stress of being questioned by his intellectual inferiors.

What Dems don’t seem to understand is that when they play these repulsive games they alienate ordinary Americans, and they drive nominees into an attitude of reflexive dislike for the senators whose legislative work they will be reviewing for years and decades to come. That dislike won’t change outcomes with principled jurists like Judge Alito, but it may add zest to their work and a commitment to a long career on the SCOTUS.

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