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“Ruh-Roh Rezko: The Leak In Obama’s Boat”

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My new column is up.

You will also find this column very, very interesting. (I am not implying that Team Clinton is sending this stuff around.)


An e-mail from a new correspondent I have no reason to believe is connected to Team Clinton:

I’m a lawyer who lives in Chicago and has been reading your updates about this Obama/Rezko situation. I did a bit of digging myself on the local government websites to see if I could find the sellers’ names or lenders. Ironically, or rather not so ironically because this is Chicago and the Chicago machine, afterall, there are no records available for a lot of this. I took the tax returns of Obama from the Powerline website with the address and plugged it into the Cook County Assessor’s website ( to obtain the property index numbers (PINs) for Obama’s house (and apparently there is a second smaller lot behind it) as well as Rezko’s lot next door. I then went to the recorder’s website to look at the deeds ( and lo and behold, it stated that the records were not available or my request had timed out! Time wasn’t an issue because I did it right away so I have to conclude that they have been purged! I then went to the treasurer’s website ( to see who receives the tax bills and what the txes are. Obama’s lots are registered to two different people:[*******] for the large lot with the house and a [ ] for the smaller lot. [HH Note: Neither is registered to Obama or Rezko] Generally, the prior year’s tax bills also are available just under the tax bill for this year and they were not available in this case. As a real estate lawyer in Chicago, I review a lot of tax bills and I have NEVER seen a situation where the prior year’s tax bill was not available. When I plugged in Rezko’s PIN to obtain the tax information on his lot, it said that there was no such property. This is VERY unusual.

If you want to do your own digging, Obama’s PIN is 20-**-***-***-0000 for the smaller lot and 20-**-***-***-0000 for the lot with the house. Rezko’s PIN is 20-**-***-***-0000. Of equal interest is the fact that there are maps on the assesor’s website that will provide you with information if you input the PINs. When I tried to pull up information about these 3 different lots, it read that there was no information available.

Something’s going on and I thought perhaps you would put this information to good use.

Because I don’t know the correspondent, I have redacted the onformation that could be wrongfully identifying people unconnected to the Obama-Rezko partnership.

But any reputable investigative journalist can have the info for the asking at, and I suspect the staff at the Sun Times or Tribune can dig up the same info in about five minutes.

So, who were the seller(s) and lender(s) on the two transactions? The appraisers? And who is paying the taxes on the house, the garden, and the empty lot?

For all the latest news, visit, which had 5,000 visitors on its first day yesterday, underscoring (1)the story is very hot though MSM does not know it yet; (2)the high value of blog/MSM aggregators in predicting news arcs, and (3)the abilities of my friends at, who put Rezkorama together in 12 hours.


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