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Ruffini’s Recap

Friday, August 26, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Patrick Ruffini slices and dices the results of his cyber-straw poll (which drew more than 16,000 participants.)

Patrick notes a surprisingly strong Romney vote among folks who found the poll from my site. Two suggested explanations:

First, Governor Romney has been a guest on my program three times in three months, which has to boost his recognition and approval among my radio audience which trickles down to the blog.

Second, I have a lot of LDS listeners and readers because among journalists I among those who go out of my way not to charicature the Mormons. These folks are probably very pro-Romney, and that must show up in these stats.

Next time Patrick runs this, I hope he asks background on income, age, and relgious affiliation as well as past political support patterns.

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