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Rudy On Obama and Hillary

Friday, January 18, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From our conversation today:

HH: Related question, Mayor, Hillary’s folks, directly and indirectly, have been talking about vetting, and there’s been some focus on Senator Obama’s drug use admissions in his memoir. Should those admissions matter in this campaign?

RG: You know, that was so long ago, and he seems to have explained it in the right way, that it’s not something he’s encouraging other people to do. He’s explaining the mistakes that he’s made. Gosh, I wouldn’t…everybody has to make their own decisions what they’re going to use to decide on the candidates they want to vote for, but it wouldn’t seem to me that that would be an issue that I’d use.

HH: Watching Hillary’s campaign go after Senator Obama, does it tell you what you’re in for if she’s the nominee and you’re the nominee?

RG: (laughing) I have a pretty good idea. I had a pretty good idea before.

I also asked the mayor if he could clean up the internet as he had Times Square. Transcript here.

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