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Rudy Giuliani tries to analyze Joe Biden

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HH: Joining me now to discuss this astonishing comment by Joe Biden is Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mayor, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show, good to have you.

RG: How are you, Hugh? Good to talk to you.

HH: Good. I’m concerned. What do you think Joe Biden was talking about yesterday?

RG: I think I understand the first part of the comment. I’m not sure I understand the second part. I understand where he’s saying that he thinks that Obama’s metal will be tested. I think what he’s referring to is that Barack Obama is astonishingly inexperienced for the job of president, and that he believes it will invite some very serious catastrophic, because he talks about it in these very ominous terms, you know, mark my words, and gird your loins, so he thinks that some of these people are going to test him the way they tested Kennedy.

HH: And as you sit there having been through a number of crises yourself, and of course 9/11, what should Americans think about when they consider Obama, say, with a Hezbollah attack on Israel, or even worse, an Iranian provocation against Israel?

RG: I think when they listen to Biden, they should say we have a choice of whose metal these people will not test, which is John McCain. I don’t think that John McCain would invite this kind of concerned comment, put all the politics aside…John McCain is a known quantity, he’s somebody that understands foreign policy, understands military policy, he’s been in crisis, he’s handled it. He’s someone whose response, I think, the terrorists and the others that he’s concerned about, he mentioned the Middle East and Russia, nobody’s going to test him. I was just in Moscow, and just in Amsterdam. And the reality is that Joe Biden is probably expressing something he really believes, although in this very kind of circumlocutious way. The part that I’m really concerned about, I don’t understand is where he says that the people in the room might not think that Obama’s reaction is the right one, will be the right one, or that the American people might not. I don’t know what he means by that.

HH: Yeah, probably a stand still reaction.

RG: But I don’t know what he means. I mean, only Joe Biden can explain that. I really do hope…I hope he can give a press conference and explain what the heck he was talking about.

HH: Okay, Mayor, we’re breaking up a little bit, but I’m going to try one more time because I want to ask you a very important question about what’s going to happen in terms of Jeremiah Wright. There have been some suggestions from Rick Davis and others that Jeremiah Wright’s going to reappear in this campaign. You have had to campaign when radicals have attacked you. Should John McCain bring up Jeremiah Wright? What else about Barack Obama should he bring up that has been off the table thus far?

RG: Well, I mean, the reality is that Barack Obama’s been given pretty much a free pass on Ayers, on Wright, on Rezko. And since the New York Times thinks it’s perfectly legitimate to go back into Cindy McCain’s past for fifteen or twenty or twenty-five years, and she’s not running for president, and most of it is based on unattributed garbage, these are real issues. And his response to all of them is pretty consistent, which is he didn’t know. And so I think, you know, he’s got to be pressed to explain how he was a member of that church for twenty years, and Wright was saying all these things and doing all these things, going to Libya with Farrakhan, and somehow Barack Obama didn’t know that? Just like he didn’t know that Ayers was a bomber, and when he went to Ayers’ house for his campaign event? And I guess he didn’t know that Rezko was helping him get his house.

HH: Do you think, you’ve been a United States Attorney, so I really want to know this one from you. Do you think that Obama ought to be asked to confirm that if elected he will keep Patrick Fitzgerald in the job of United States Attorney while Fitzgerald continues the investigation into Rezko, Blogoyavitch and the rest of the Chicago machine?

RG: Sure, that’s a legitimate question to ask since basically, Obama is a product of that machine. I mean, he’s a product of the Chicago political machine, although invested with all of these sort of Messianic qualities by some members of the press. But the reality is he was very much a product of the Chicago political machine. These people were very, very close to him. Rezko was very close to him. And this is an active investigation that apparently has a number of other pieces to it.

HH: Mayor, when they postponed the sentencing for Rezko, what should we read into that?

RG: Oh, no, I’m not close enough to it, Hugh, to tell you. I mean, sometimes it has to do with they’re trying to seek cooperation. Sometimes it has to do with more facts that are needed for the pre-sentence report. Being removed from it, I can’t really tell you exactly what that all means. But I do know that the whole situation with Rezko has really not been examined in the way it would have been examined if it were, if this were something involving a Sarah Palin or a John McCain or one of us Republicans.

HH: It was brought up on internet reports today that you raised the issue of Obama’s past drug use, and the fact it hadn’t been investigated. Is that accurately quoting you, Mayor?

RG: No, what I said was these things shouldn’t be counted at all, but I noticed that…if they’re going to raise…Cindy McCain’s problem in the past, that she has overcome, that the lawyers said why don’t they go examine who…I said none of that should be part of the campaign, but you’ve got to treat it even-handedly.

HH: Last question, Mayor. Is John McCain capable of coming back from the deficit? We see four points in Rasmussen, larger in other polls?

RG: I think he is. I mean, when you think of…George Bush four years ago on Election Day…

HH: We’re losing you again, Mayor. Look forward to talking to you again soon.

End of interview.


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