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Routine Maintenance Alert

Friday, December 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

We will be conducting some routine cyber-maintenance tomorrow and Sunday, so posting will not resume until it is completed, though all existing links will be working.

I’ll take the opportunity to plod through the Red County Magazine Half Marathon tomorrow morning along with TriGeekDream’s Big Kahuna, and to do some Christmas shopping.  Should you need suggestions, here’s the essential book list, and add to it Mark Steyn’s wonderful Passing Parade.

I see that some Rudy and McCain fans are trumpeting the Globe’s non-story on Mitt Romney’s landscaping company using illegal aliens as a campaign killer.  Sorry, Flap and Pat, but stretching to assist the Globe in the preposterous idea that Romney’s landscaping company’s employment practices are an issue suggests desperation at Romney’s early momentum rather than discernment of a political event’s significance.  Can anyone imagine Senator McCain or Mayor Giuliani arguing in public that they are better candidates for the presidency because their landscaping companies didn’t use labor with proper documents? 

The Globe story tells us a lot more about the Globe’s animus towards Romney (and its amazing double standard –where’s the investigation into Kerry’s landscape contractor at his five homes?) than it does about anything else, and certainly nothing about Romney’s electability.  It does give us a glimpse of how the candidate will react to sudden and potentially negative news: Romney refused to be stampeded into a statement and began immediately to fashion a coherent response.  As both Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke agreed on tonight’s show, it isn’t a story of any consequence except it indicates again that the MSM has its knives out early and pointed only in the direction of the Republican candidates.

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