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Rosett, Totten, and Yoni

Tuesday, November 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The two American writers who have been in Lebanon in the past year , who have written extensively on the country’s effort to free itself from Syria,and who are following events closely are Claudia Rosett and Michael Totten.  Check back to their sites frequently.  And check in at YoniTheBlogger as well.

UPDATE: See also AcrossTheBay  –a blog from Beirut.

UPDATE: Walid Phares has more at CounterTerrorismBlog.

Interviews today with Victor Davis Hanson, Claudia Rosett, and Frank Gaffney, all of whom agree with my paraphrase of Secretary Rumsfeld: You go to war with the Congress you have.  If Iran/Syria/Hezbollah are misjudging the impact of the elections on President Bush’s ability to conduct the war, the time to communicate such a message is right now, not a week, or a month, or sixth months from now.

Syria’s move on Lebanon resembles nothing as much as the Anschluss.

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