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Romney Rising

Monday, December 24, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The graph below from the Iowa Electronic Market follows the market prediction for the GOP nomination, and shows Romney rising to lead the field over the past three weeks, which makes sense as Huckabee struggles with increased scrutiny and as the market reflects both McCain’s pop in New Hampshire while realizing there is no way forward for John McCain even if New Hampshire independents give him a nice send-off while the Granite State Republican voters are preferring Romney.  The folks voting for Huckabee and McCain are killing Rudy’s chances while leaving Mitt Romney as the only fellow in the field with the ability to campaign on into Florida and the big states beyond.  MSM loves the fact that newspapers hate Romney and love McCain while ignoring the fact that the GOP doesn’t much care for the opinion of MSM editorial boards.  As the graph shows, Romney has positioned himself best in the field as 2007 comes to a close.

2008 US Republican National Convention Market

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