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Romney Rising

Tuesday, January 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

All signs from Michigan point to a Romney win, and not just with the Republicans. It will be hard for either McCain or Huckabee to spin a loss in the fiercely contested Wolverine State as both poured so much of their dwindling resources into the effort. If as expected Huckabee is below 20%, it should sink his South Carolina effort as his narrow base recognizes he has no appeal beyond, well, his narrow base.

And if John McCain cannot win in a state that allows its Democrats and Independents to vote in the Republican primary –even as the Democratic contest slips into irrelevance– then it is hard to see him rallying GOP voters in the states after South Carolina.

When you win Iowa or New Hampshire, you are supposed to generate momentum, not go into reverse.

One other note: It is bad form for both Huck and McCain to flee Michigan rather than stay and concede as Romney was obliged to do in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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