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Romney Posts $23 Million –All For The Primaries

Monday, April 2, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jonathan Martin has the details. That’s a very big number.

Romney’s number is a true measure of fundraising prowess for the primaries since all of the $23 million if for the primary campaign..  We still can’t evlauate Hillary’s $26 million or Rudy’s $15 million until we see how those numbers are split between the primary and general campaign funds as the latter cannot be used prior to the general election.

Also at an announcment of townhalls as the next phase of the campaign, though it is a very good bet that the fundraising machine will keep chugging away.

Lots more details at The Hotline.

I discussed the fundraising resources available to Romney in A Mormon In The White House, so I thought he’d have a good first quarter.  I wasn’t expecting this good of a quarter though.  Nobody was, in fact.

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