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Romney On The Latest Bin Laden Tape And, Yes, Another Huckabee Foreign Policy Gaffe

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Mitt Romney’s statement:

“Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq. This latest tape from Osama Bin Laden is further evidence that the surge is working. We need to maintain our resolve in wiping Al Qaeda off the map wherever we may find their depraved fighters. America remains committed to the people of Iraq and to helping forces of moderation across the Islamic world combat violent, extreme jihadists. This week has been a stark reminder of the threats faced by the civilized world. But ultimately, America will prevail in this defining struggle of our generation.”

By contrast, Mike Huckabee is watching another alleged foreign policy advisor disavow a connection with Team Huck:

Huckabee said he had also spoken with…former national security adviser Richard Allen…

Reached via e-mail, Allen said an intermediary asked him to speak with Huckabee, but he hadn’t yet agreed. “I’m gradually getting older, but am fully capable of recalling with whom I have spoken,” said the former Nixon and Reagan foreign policy campaign adviser.

I think it is almost impossible for a voter tuned in to the complexities of the war to vote for Mike Huckabee. The other four GOPers at least understand the stakes and have teams of serious people advising them. Mike Huckabee has been running for president for a year and he doesn’t have a list of advisors who will agree they are advisors?

Politico’s Jonathan Martin (best new blogger of ’07?) reports on the latest MittMail:

Mitt touts his endorsement from National Review and includes the less flattering comments they have for his GOP rivals in a new New Hampshire mail piece hitting Granite State households today.

The most conservative candidate with the best chance of winning in November is Mitt Romney. In every year since 1960 that assessment has marked the GOP nominee.

BTW: Governor Huckabee might want to read The Nuclear Jihadist by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins. This book will keep most thinking people awake at night, and it reminds all voters why the U.S. can’t vote for the nice guy, but must vote for the candidate with the capacity to deal with the world as it is –a very, very dangerous place. That means a vote for either Romney, Giuliani or Thompson. I will almost certainly vote for Mitt in the California primary, but I can enthusiastically support Rudy and get behind Fred with energy as well. But I think Mike Huckabee is not ready for the presidency, and that John McCain is burdened with too much baggage to win, though I would vote for either of them over any of the Dems.

Here’s the book:

The Nuclear Jihadist: The True Story of the Man Who Sold the World's Most Dangerous Secrets...And How We Could Have Stopped Him

Frantz and Collins deliver a brusque reminder: It wasn’t just Iran that the naif Carter lost, but Pakistan as well. The coup that took down Benazir Bhutto’s father –with all his nuclear ambitions– occured on July 5, 1977. A. Q. Khan’s network, already established, flourished under Jimmy Carter, another former governor of a small southern state, and metastasized under Bill Clinton, another former governor of a small southern state. Reagan and Bush, the book makes clear, are not blameless in this slowly exploding crisis, but Carter and Clinton are completely clueless and erratic throughout their presidencies, as is the CIA. Why? Because the two presidents thought the world was Atlanta and Little Rock, respectively, and because the CIA was under assault from Dems running key committees in the Congress.

The world is in danger of attacks that could send it spinning out of any ordinary cycle. The West needs a leader that has the character and capacity to absorb and act on the many information flows that inform the Oval Office. He (or she) will have to be able to project sunny optimism about the decade ahead while practising a steely resolve to survive.

We need another Reagan. I think that is Romney.


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