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Romney On MTP

Sunday, December 16, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ann Althouse and Carol Platt Liebau are both congratulating the candidate for a strong performance. 

Althouse concludes her review with commentary on Romney’s responses to the abortion questions:

He has a huge problem dealing with this issue, but I thought he handled it well, under tough questioning. I don’t agree with him on this issue (as he presents himself now), so I’m only talking about his skill as a candidate here. I think it is very strong.

An excellent performance.

The ability to stand in the MSM ring and take the inevitable cheap shots while still using the forum to communicate with voters is a necessary, indeed crucial skill for GOP candidates.  Like Rudy last week, Mitt’s performance this week underscores why he is one of the two candidates with the potential to beat either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. 

The video of the interview is here.

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