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Romney Blasts Ant-Mormon Push Polling As “Un-American.”

Friday, November 16, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Romney talks to Politico’s Jonathan Martin.

I am watching the denunciation list grow, but have not yet seen a Huckabee or Paul representative add their condemnations to the growing pile.  If you do, send me the link.  A denunciation tells me the campaign isn’t knowingly involved as the already terrible tactic would be a campaign ender if coupled to a cover-up.

I suspect either extreme anti-Mormons unaffiliated with a candidate or a left wing 527 that is trying to take Romney out before it becomes obvious that the attack is coming from that direction.  If as I believe the left understands Romney to be the anti-Hillary and the strongest candidate against her in the general, now would be the time to take him down via appeals to religious bigotry.

The folks peddling the conspiracy theory that Romney or his supporters put this in play have to put down the strong stuff and seriously ask why the front-runner in Iowa and New Hampshire would try such a lunatic tactic.  This is Romney, remember?  The Bain guy, who has a plan and is rolling it out exactly as designed.  And now he’s denounced the calls.  No one can rule out a crazy friend of Mitt, but a crazy friend of Mitt would be (1)really crazy, (2)beyond stupid, and (3)no longer a friend for doing such a thing.

Motive is easy here:Take Romney down before he wins the primaries and gets the nomination.  Leave the conspiracy stuff in Area 51 with the Bilderbergers.

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