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Robert Travaglini’s Big Day

Tuesday, January 2, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Travaglini is the President Pro Tem of the Massachusetts State Senate, and the man who will decide if the Massachusetts legislature stiffs its electorate and its own Constitution.

Pursuant to the Massachusetts Constitution, 170,000 signatures were collected to place the issue of same sex marriage –imposed on the Commonwealth by a judicial diktat– on the 2008 ballot.  Only 50 of the states’ lawmakers must vote “yes” for the ballot measure to qualify, and there are far more than 50 so prepared to vote.

Opponents of constitutional majoritarianism are hoping that Travaglini smothers the measure by refusing to bring it up for a vote, a shameful charade if it happens, and certainly the defining legacy of Travaglini if he denies the citizens the control of their own Constitution.

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