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Rob Reiner Meets The Press

Tuesday, March 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Los Angeles Times gives Reiner a glowing bit of “from-the-bunker” coverage in its Calender section this morning, and notes, Reiner will be meeting the press in Sacramento today. I hope CSPAN is there.

Suggested questions:

Did you ever discuss the effect of the First Five ad campaign endorsing preschool with anyone connected to the Prop 82 campaign?

Did it ever cross your mind that spending $23 million to promote preschool while collecting signatures to put a preschool initiative on the ballot was an inappropriate use of public funds to support a political campaign?

This scandal isn’t about preschool, aor Reiner’s motives, or the massive expansion of the public school bureaucracy.

It is very simple: No one can use tax money to support political campaigns. If that wall is allowed to be breached by Reiner, it will be breached and breached again and again by public agencies using the initiative process to extend their power and expand their budgets.

I hope Bill Bradley and Dan Weintraub are at the press conference.

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