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Rick Sanchez Said What?

Friday, October 1, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Really? Yes, he did. The Jooooos run CNN and, what, everything esle?

Laura Schlesinger quit under enormous pressure for using the n word even in a context in which it was not linked to racist beliefs, but Rick, who is clearly seeing racist conspiracies everywhere, will probably get to stay at CNN after an apology –perhaps tearful– and an explanation. And every Jew in America and abroad will know they can trust him to fairly report the news about Israel.

Ahmadinejad now has a new go-to guy.

UPDATE: CNN dumped Sanchez just after 6 PM EST, but, 15 minutes after the media got the press release and I among many others are reporting it and discussing it on air, not one mention from anyone on the set of the The Situation Room.

How long will it take CNN to mention the story generating the most comment in America right now?



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