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“Rick Perry has been in this race for many weeks, we’re 60 days away from early voting in Florida, and he has no plan.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ouch. That’s key Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom quoted in Byron York’s column this morning assessing last night’s debate and as usual, Byron has gone to the heart of the situation and grabbed the key quote. Fehrnstrom underscores just how late in the campaign it is, and that is not good news for anyone except Mitt Romney.

Rick Perry has money but no plan. Herman Cain has a plan but no money. Mitt Romney has both, plus a Chris Christie endorsement and the foreign policy chops and team —rolled out last week— to position himself to talk about Iran’s outrage just as the news cycle turns there. Politico’s Jonathan Martin has even used the “i” word.

I know the big money that had been on the fence is flooding towards Romney, but I suspect the small donor and volunteer numbers via are rising as well as the GOP rank-and-file, eager to get to the main event, rally around the likely nominee.

It is far from over, however, though Team Perry has to direct its fire at Herman Cain if it is to clear the path to an Iowa win. If New Hampshire jumps over Iowa to the last week in December, then the governor will have to reproduce Giuliania 2.0 and play to win in Florida. Rick Perry’s been in political corners before and he has always left them standing and his opponents not, so buckle up for an avalanche of negative media.


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