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Rezko, The Obamas and Hillary

Tuesday, May 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Dems cannot be happy tonight. Hillary shows that Obama is toast in another midwestern state, but she can’t overcome a 90% plus African-American vote for Obama in North Carolina, showing that the key portion of the Democratic base is not bailing on Obama.

But don’t look for Hillary to bail, at least not until the final primaries are held and the Tony Rezko trial verdict in. (Final arguments open Monday.) If Rezko walks, the chance of another devastating revelation about Obama goes down.

But if Rezko is convicted and is facing a long stretch in jail, won’t he have to think long and hard about naming names in order to limit his years in federal prison? Clearly Rezko and Obama are close. That’s a huge potential nightmare for the Dems, and Team Hillary won’t be shy about underscoring the dangers of an unfolding scandal consuming Chicago politics.

Then there’s the slowly spreading impact of Michelle Obama. The more voters hear her rhetoric, the less they are going to want her husband in the White House.

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