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Rexaphobia Returns

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post perpetuates the stereotype of the least understood dinosaur even as it begins to build prejudice against a new breed:

Currie said the Mapusaurs — similar to other Southern Hemisphere predators — were probably slightly bigger than T. rex , found only in the Northern Hemisphere. Although both animals were large, bulky “macropredators” that walked on their hind legs and used their teeth as their basic weapons, there were significant differences.

“Maposaurs have long, thin skulls with knifelike teeth and jaws that can close very fast,” Currie said. ” T. rex has a short skull with powerful, banana-shaped teeth better for biting through bone.”

T. rex was equipped to attack and destroy animals its own size, Currie said, but Mapusaurs perhaps could “go in, strike, pull and see what to do next,” a strategy that could work against larger animals, especially if the predators attacked together — the prehistoric equivalent of a pack of wolves cornering a bison.

Hate speech. Pure and simple.

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