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Responding To John McCain’s Decree

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John McCain decreed yesterday that his immigration bill would be the law and that there would be no dissent.

My new column, “Damning The Jam-Down,” deals with the extraordinary repulsiveness of such a stance, but in practical terms, the only way to respond is by contributing to a serious opponent of McCain, either Mayor Giuliani or Governor Romney. Or both.

If you don’t like being treated like a political serf, fund the opponent of the candidate who embodies contempt for the Republican base.

To remind you of the law as laid down by Senator McCain, here is what he said:

We can and must complete this legislation sooner rather than later. We all know that this issue can be caught up in extracurricular politics unless we move forward as quickly as possible.

You are the “extracurricular” –your views, your reaction, your vote.  Simply put, Senator McCain’s contempt for you is complete.  React accordingly.

The Senate’s GOP leadership has not yet followed Senator McCain over the cliff. I hope they wake up in time to realize the party-splitting peril they are in with the proposed jam down on the table.

UPDATE: One of the huge pile of e-mails:

I’m a Canadian here in the US on an E2 Investor visa – I get to stay for 5 years based on my investment in a new business that employs Americans. If I’m lucky I can get a 2-year extension on that visa but otherwise I have to leave. Neither my wife nor my children are allowed to work or even have social security numbers, and we are by definition ‘resident aliens’ although somehow we manage to live with the shame of that label.
My best option to get a green card is to invest 100 times more than the fine an illegal would have to pay to get a z visa and a path to permanent residency. Why am I not eligible for this citizenship giveaway? I’m well-educated, English-speaking, no burden on society, I bought a home and car here, and pay more than my fair share of taxes. Congress has sent me and others in my position a clear message: I’m one of the suckers who played by the rules, and I’m paying the price.
Thanks for shining some light on this horrible bill, a watershed moment that will mark the end of America as we know it. I come from a country that has embraced bilingualism and multiculturalism, both slow-motion forms of cultural suicide.


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