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is a group blog founded by students at Pacific Lutheran University (although some contributors appear to have graduated and are working in the area.)

Not only does the blog have great taste in books, it is following Washington state races up and down the ballot (like this plug for Supreme Court candidate John Groen, a propert rights lawyer challenging the incumbant CJ of the Washington Supreme Court.)

Sound Politics led the way in Washington State, but take a look at the blog roll at Sound Politics. There are a score of great bloggers (e.g. Head West, Turn Right) ready to bring balance to the Cantwell-McGavick race –a necessary thing if McGavick is going to be able to fend off the almost certain attacks from the Washinton state MSM.

Time to collect some key links for the Senate races in New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, North Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan and of course Minnesota, though KennedyvMachine and the Northern Alliance will have that race covered closely.

I’d also appreciate pointers to the best center-right poliblogs in the three states where GOP incumbants have uphill fights: Pennsylvannia, Ohio and Montana.

With ten key Senate races, it would be best to have three key blogs in each state which in turn swept the other state blogs for daily news on these races. Nominations for such a list are welcome. E-mail me at

BTW: Hotline on Call brings word that Ronald Reagan has endorsed Robert Byrd’s challenger John Raese. Radio listeners in W Va hear the Gipper’s voice:

“I need John Raese to help me in the United States Senate.”

It is from a 1984 ad when Raese put up a good run against Jay Rockerfeller.

Michael Barone is doubtful that Raese can dislodge Robert Byrd though he is respectful of the race Raese ran years ago and the credibility he brings to the ’06 challnge, but I think that may deny the impact of new media even in a tradion-bound state like West Virginia. Strom Thurmond won elections even as he visibly declined in the eyes of his colleagues because he didn’t visibly decline in the eyes of his voters, at least on a daily basis.

Senator Byrd, while an icon, has insisted on being center stage very often over the past five years.

West Virginia Republicans have to –respectfully– talks with their counterparts across the state about the cost to the state of indulging their once great senator another six years (and another sic after that?) in a time of war, and even as their other senator charts a very unusual course in the war.


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