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A resounding GOP victory needed to wake Obama from his dangerous slumber

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Ottawa and Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. New York City and NYPD Officer Kenneth Heale. Ebola and EV-D68. Marysville, Wash., and Placer County, Calif.

Hatchets, handguns, body armor, beheadings, quarantines and more somber press conferences in a week than occur in a normal quarter.

And a president who, one of his staunchest supporters in the United States Senate, Alaska Democrat Mark Begich, declared to be not “relevant.”

Asked if he’d voted for President Obama, Begich responded to Rebecca Berg of the Washington Examiner that “I did, but that’s irrelevant.”

“The president’s not relevant,” Begich continued. “He’s gone in two years.”

Pray that Begich isn’t right, and that the president can some how snap out of his somnambulance, because the country is not designed to run without a Commander-in-Chief. Especially not during weeks like the one just finished.

Governors can step up and step in — as Govs. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., and Chris Christie, R-N.J., did Friday with their sweeping quarantine declaration taken without presidential consent or apparently consultation. But only the president can lead a national response.

And as steady and steeled as Canada’s Stephen Harper, Australia’s Tony Abbott and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu are when it comes to battling the Islamist virus, the free world limps when its most powerful individual wanders and wiggles with words.

We have 114 more weeks of the Obama presidency, and we cannot easily endure another 14 like the last one — much less 114 more — especially because lost amid the horror and the courage, the stupidity of some and the calm response by most, was an announcement of another extension given to the mullahs of Tehran to continue their obfuscation and thus their nuclear program.

The president has already declared that his policies are on the ballot in eight days, but it is actually far more than a referendum on the massive fails of Obamacare, his thinking of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as “a jayvee team,” or his refusing to order the obvious, common sense steps for the nation as a whole that Christie and Cuomo took Friday for New Jersey and New York.

The election is a last chance to deliver a political jolt to a president who thinks he is very good at his job. When the National Journal’s Ron Fornier — no one’s idea of a partisan, and everyone’s idea of a straight shooter — tells the president as he did in a column this week, “For his sake and ours, Obama must fire himself,” you hear institutional D.C.’s panic emerging. “They” know — the insiders, the permanent Beltway elite, the folks who stay and stay and stay. “They” are very worried.

What “they” won’t admit is that the only possible way to shake this president is with a resounding, cataclysmic renunciation at the polls — a Valerie Jarrett-jarred-lose, Reid-crushing, Pelosi and MSNBC-stunning massive political defeat.

Any vote for any Democratic senator, representative or governor is a little bit more of the denial-enabling destructive self-regard Obama has robed himself in. Independents and even Democrats have to see this, and act to wake the president.

Last week, with all its terror, victims, incompetence, shock, fear and foreboding didn’t do it. For a man who appears only to understand politics, it will take a massive political shock to move him.

Pray that it arrives Tuesday next, and that an election night that features new Sens. Brown, Capito, Cassidy, Cotton, Daines, Ernst, Gardner, Gillespie, McFadden, Perdue, Rounds, Tillis and maybe even Weh and Wehby, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner with 249 other Republicans in the House will shock the president out of the fog that envelopes him.

The crises are real, and the public can send the message the president so desperately needs to receive.


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