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Tuesday, September 13, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Please visit and bookmark, and if you are blogger, please tell your audiences about it and perhaps even put a button somewhere on your site. is NZ Bear’s new portal designed to match the needy with the willing and to do so with the efficiency made possible by the web and new software.

Any group or institution needing help in the recovery region can register their group and describe their need, along with contact information. Any group willing to help can do the same. As a way of outfitting the software, NZ used the list of Presbyterian Churches put together by Edward Brenager, but the list of impacted organizations can be as long as as widely diverse as the people and cities of the three states blasted by Katrina.

Please spend a few minutes at the site this morning. As I hear the tales of stacked up relief convoys in city X but absolute need in city Y that is not being met, the necessity of this portal becomes more and more obvious, and the daunting tasks of long term relief will make that necessity even more obvious.

Hats off to NZ Bear: He has done a very good thing.

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