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Saturday, April 21, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll be on Howard Kurtz’s CNN program in the morning, discussing NBC’s “craven” and “disgusting” decision to show the video.

Here’s my interview with Howard from Wednesday, before NBC aired the tape and photos.

NBC could still, at this late date, announce regrets for its decision and promise a new approach to such situations, one that one emphasize the families of the victims and the likely impact on the unbalanced, an announcement that could redeem its horrible assessment of its self-interest vs. the public interest in Wednesday..

But this would require humility.  And wisdom. And the rule of the Manhattan-Beltway MSM elite is never, ever acknowledge that you blew the call.

NBC News Division president Steve Capus may go to his grave arguing that he made the right call, but we will all know that he didn’t.  We will all admire him if he admits as much.  Stay tuned. I met him on Monday, and he seemed like a decent guy.  If he steps up, he could quite literally save lives. 


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