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“”Reid is done; he’s going to lose”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s Democratic Congressman Dina Titus –of Nevada– assessing Harry Reid’s chances or re-election this fall.

The same assessment holds true for many other House and Senate Democrats who have followed President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Reid over the hard left cliff. The president will certainly receive a warm welcome in the House tonight, but many of its members will be looking at him and asking themselves whether supporting even more of his agenda is worth losing their job over? The “spending freeze” is risible, and the country knows that the fiscal mismanagement of D.C. has reached new and dangerous heights. The Obamacare fiasco still throws a shadow every member and seniors won’t forget how Democrats tried to carve a half-trillion out of their benefits just as doctors and other health care professionals won’t forget a year of demagoguery about how they were eager to extract tonsils and over test for a fee.

Very few voters will forget that not a paragraph of tort reform made it into the final version that is now bleeding out.

Rank and file Democrats have many reasons to be dissatisfied with their “leadership.” The only question is whether they have the spine to say no and stop the hard lurch to the left.

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