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Reforming the House

Sunday, October 3, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Two reads for anyone serious about how the House would be different under a Speaker Boehner than it has been under Speaker Pelosi.

First, GOP House Leader John Boehner gave this speech at the American Enterprise Institute this week.

And once-and-hopefully-future chair of the House Rules Committee David Dreier and his colleagues on the committee released this report on the “Wrong Way Congress on September 30.”

Most journalists aren’t interested in anything other than “horse-race” stories which are easy to write.

But this speech and and report ought to be mandatory reading for the Beltway press corps as well as in MSM newsrooms across the country. The abuse of the House procedures by Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenants explain a great deal of the voter anger in the county today, and the jam-down culture of Chicago politics that San Fran Nan grafted on to her Bay Area hard left ideology has driven the Congressional Democrats to the brink of a significant, national electoral chastisement. The Boehner and Dreier pieces are promises not of a watered-down “bi-partisanship” that is the refuge of every big government media talking head, but of transparency and accountability in the Congressional debates that have to occur in 2011 and 2012 if the country is to be restored to fiscal sanity and mainstream policies.


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