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Recent Key Transcripts/Audio On 2016 GOP Nomination Race

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Since returning from my vacation I am doing debate prep by doing serious interviews with as many of the candidates (and key players like past nominee John McCain, conservative opinion-guru Mark Levin, and the moderator at the 9/16 GOP debate at which I will be asking questions, Jake Tapper).  Here’s the easy reference guide from the past two weeks:

Interview with Jeb Bush, 8/14/15

Interview with Ted Cruz, 8/14/15

Interview with Lindsey Graham, 8/14/15

Interview with Scott Walker, 8/13/15

Interview with Donald Trump, 8/12/15

Interview with Marco Rubio, 8/12,15

Interview with Chris Christie, 8/12/15

Interview with Rick Santorum, 8/12/15

Interview with John Kasich, 8/11/15

Interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, 8/11/15

Interview with Carly Fioirna, 8/10/15

Interview with John McCain, 8/10/15

Interview Mark Levin, 8/7/15

Post-Debate Interview with Dr. Ben Carson, 8/7/15

Post-Debate Interview with Carly Fiorina, 8/7/15

Interview with Ted Cruz, 8/5/15

Interview with Lindsey Graham, 8/5/15

Interview with Donald Trump, 8/3/15

Interview with Chris Christie 7/31/15

Interview with John Kasich 7/30/15

Plus, a pre-vacation lengthy interview with Ted Cruz on his new book, from 7/17/15

My objection to the FNC debate, which I made on Meet the Press Sunday and Morning Joe yesterday, it that the panelists did not spend much time at all on the Iran deal or the huge story on Hillary’s server, or even on the key policy differences between the candidates.  I have no favorite in this fight, and I’m not gunning for anyone in the way the FMC panel was after Donald Trump.  I think the debates should be for the benefit of the GOP primary voter period, not the media elites, not liberal Democrats, and certainly not Hillary Clinton.

FYI: Earlier interviews of Donald Trump here on June 22, and here on February 25.

Earlier interviews of Jeb Bush here on June 26, here on March 30, and here on February 25.

Earlier interviews with Marco Rubio here on April 14, here on March 24, and here on February 9.

Earlier interviews with Rick Perry on July 15, June 10, and April 21.

Senator Rand Paul here on April 10, Dr. Ben Caron on March 18, and Governor Walker here on July 15, and on March 25.

Earlier interviews with John Kasich were on July 15 , on June 4, and on April 21.

Governor Huckabee was my guest on July 1, on March 19 and on January 20.

Earlier interviews with Governor Christie on May 28, and on April 14. (Oops.  Missed this one on July 15.)

Earlier interviews with Carly Fiorina on July 14, May 6, and April 7.

I interviewed George Pataki and Rick Santorum after the first debate but didn’t have time to have it transcribed before the second debate, and interviewed them both as well prior to last week:

Rick Santorum on May 29 and on April 16 and January 20.  Governor Pataki on July 16, May 29, and April 23.

I am sure I have missed some interviews in addition to these 40 which are transcribed and easily available, and I have been interviewing most of these people for many years so these are only the 2015 interviews I could find with a quick search, but for in-depth interviews with any of the would-be presidents who want to come on for serious, issues-based discussions, keep coming back here.  The show is open to them all, on almost instant notice of their availability.


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